A.M.P.E.D(A Ministry Producing Extreme Disciples) is designed to help the youth in grades 6-12 become the next generation of disciples. We want to give them the tools necessary to advance their walk with Christ, become functional members of the Church, and empower them to be leaders among their peers.

A.M.P.E.D meets 2nd Sunday for middle schoolers and 4th Sunday for high schoolers. We also believe that the youth should be integrated and exposed to the worship and the Word that is prepared for the main body of the church. We do this to help our youth feel welcomed and have a sense of purpose and comradery with the full body of Christ.

We facilitate multiple event to grow our student’s faith in Christ and to which includes events that help them advance their walk with God while building relationships with others. We facilitate recreational events such as Christian concerts or service projects as well as workshops like our Vow of Purity event which is designed teach best practices towards abstinence and God’s definition of love and intimacy.


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